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(t)reeplantTHIS! the full story – final part

September 24, 2014 - romanticpathofselfdestruction -

some parts of the story told here could be fictional, nothing is serious or true, but everything’s nothing but the truth and actually happened. we respect the integrity and privacy of everyone mentioned in the following, so names are changed, the rest is history.

this is the end:

some things happen during legendary booze nights, but some things shouldn’t be told.

it was a wild season and a life-changing experience for most of us warriors, fighting in the bush day after day.

summer is breathing slower, winter is coming and I feel like taking a day off…

let the photos talk:

if you wanna read how the camp lost it all during booze-night…

[all photographs Nikon FM2 on kodak portra 400 & fujichrome 50 (cross processed)]

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