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DIY projects #1 – photoworkshop costa rica

August 1, 2014 - theuniverse -

some passionate guys use raw and semi-raw materials to build, transform, or reconstruct magical things. they also implement and establish them into the natural or/and man-made environment – take cement, garbage, debris, sand, water, wood, planks, concrete mixer, screws and a screwdriver, go out and craft something for the good of others, a social benefit.

so get your ass off the couch and conquer a wasteland next to your neighbourhood. abandoned industrial wastelands are adventure playgrounds for those wiling to metamorphose plane areas into gray, romantic skatespots. let’s help city planners to take down the walls they build around us.

this series is about fellowship and a world wide community. it’s about you!

some time has passed, since we travelled by bus, boat and thumb from colombia to costa rica.

packed with three analogue SLRs, down all the way to San Isidro De General, in order to realise a photoworkshop with the local kids.

walls are built so we can smash them!

or we build a concrete-skate-spot on top – thats what christian petzold and all the other girls and guys from puravida-skateboarding did and what they’re still doing. the results are stunning:

concrete-love – brought from the remarkable high-rises of the former GDR-zone straight to central america. grey romantic, perfectly transformed into landscape. its not just a skatepark, its rather a platform for all those, who to carry out a message of friendship and multicultural understanding to places, where few go.

here they go, too fast for you?


follow – get off your couch – and support the project!

canon F1 / canon AE1 – fujicolor 400

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