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one thousand and one reasons to leave your city – #3

August 31, 2014 - romanticpathofselfdestruction -

your city hates you! poisoning your mind! killing you slowly!

you’ve got a good chance, that they’ll find you one day – alone, in your room.

your city kills you! you get hit by a car, the tram, the bus, the train or the bandit you fear so much.

the people pollute the people.

and you’re still not running away…



digital snapshot somewhere in medellin

cities are over packed with cars. why? ok, many public transportation systems all over the world suck and from time to time you people have to wait.
but why not taking the train, streetcar, subway, bus or bike going down town?
I bet some folks just don’t feel comfortable in basic social situations like a crowded tram loaded with sweating, breathing passengers.
I bet many people – in cars – just suck and invoke on their given right by birth to drive their own way. but cars are not more than big bullets flying through the veins of your city and once in a while you get hit by one. if you get shot by a gunman, there’s a good chance he puts just one bullet into your body. if you get shot by the stressed out banker, who’s a bit anxious, because he forgot to jerk off before leaving the house, the last thing you’ll see is a the next blocks passing by faster than usual… good night!

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