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hitchhikers guide to more poverty #19 – the Christmas edition

December 26, 2016 - mirrormirror / whoneedslove -

while you’re wasting all your money on Boxing Day, we’re delighted to tell you the story of a poor fellow no one helps out, because everybody is busy ‘caring’ . . .

last week we drove under ‘not very ideal’ conditions from west- to east-coast. it was a hell of a trip, but it was fun.

many people in this world don’t have that much fun. like the guy we picked up in Ignace, Ontario.
Ignace is a shit-hole we avoid whenever we can, but this time we had to pass through. as we were driving by churches and potential meth-labs, we saw a hitchhiker with a drippy nose on the side of the highway. he was the first and last we’d meet on our 4200 km journey. his name is Gene, short for Eugene and he was one of the friendliest old fellows we’ve ever given a ride. however, before he got lucky he (actually!!) had waited for over 24 hours, including a snowy, ice-cold night, pacing up and down the neighbourhoods of Ignace.  and we had a hell of a trip?
nobody, and I mean NOBODY felt merry enough to help him out. he had to WAIT OUTSIDE in NIGHT in SNOW and ICE RAIN. and on top of that, some good citizen called the cops on his ass, because he must have been damn suspicious walking a god forgotten shit town on a night like that. god forgotten are also all the christians and other dumb-fucks, who seem to forget, that a good god probably would
pick up any hitchhiker.

to give christianity a bit of a credit: Gene told us, that if he gets picked up at all, theres a good chance it’s a religious person, like in ‘help thy neighbour’…

meeting Gene I realized how much of a pussy we all are, but leaving him outside another night through a blizzard is simply UNCOOL, so we bought him a motel-room, shook hands good-bye and
hope, that we find more homeless along the road we can help, since you don’t seem to GIVE A FUCK.

happy christmas!


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