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Hitchhikers Guide to more Empathy – weather changes

March 31, 2019 - romanticpathofselfdestruction -

can hitchhiking help foster inclusion? we pick up young and old people, from all over the world (literally), in day in night, during cold and hot times and i think the answer is . . .


but, would you stop for everyone?
like you brake for birds,
or kids?
or old folks?

it sure is a tough question, since you never know who you’re going to spend the shared ride with. my personal hitchhiking experience is overwhelmingly positive, but i’ve also been told stories by friends picking up people with clear and intense mental ‘challenges’ sparking a rather problematic – short lived – relationship. either way a positive attitude towards picking up someone in need of a lift should be kept up and fronting a little bit of trust, most of the time, doesn’t hurt anyone.
i mean does the homeless looking dude necessarily pose a threat or can’t be good spirited?

which i started as a project to fight my frustration over many peoples' lack of empathy with action - with hitchhiking.
exposure to a raw and quite vulnerable environment stuck in a metal box at high speeds takes effort and the willingness to let someone enter an almost intimate place, where mutual trust builds the basis for sharing stories, experiences, feelings or simply a ride and a coffee.

in the end picking up or hitchin a ride feels a little bit like the weather. its got a lot of faces.

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