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hitchhikers guide to more empathy #21 – attempt to escape and let your life change your life around!

March 5, 2017 - theuniverse -

we’ve been giving rides for some time now, but we turned back to hitchhiking.. and failed . . .

I write stories stemming from confusion, future, the damn past, missed chances, missed challenges, adventures, euphoria until mania, sadness until depression. it all comes down to the road / path we’re trying to rattle ourselves down, dodging other travelers, passing rocky roads, using elbows, navigating into dead ends, or even traps, before deciding to turn around and head back to a safe intersection, from where we – as simple as that – go another way. a la you’re in charge of your own life and so on.

this post is not supposed to provide a road-map for your further life-travels, but it inspire to reshuffle and shuffle and try something else.

back to the escape:

some thing inside us had developed a plan out east towards Ontario. we left for the seemingly infinite trip.

the only problem was: we didn’t bring ‘spirit’.

the sky was gray, we weren’t well prepared and we were asking ourselves if we took a wrong turn.

why is everyone giving us evil eyes, or even yelling at us? why didn’t I bring any beer? fuck!

we made a mistake.

it’s like with a lot of things in life, you keep going and going and pushing and then you pushed too hard (I got that from a song).

you’re not going to win a trophy if you’re not all in. we were not winning rides.

the end of this story comes quicker: we called our friends, bought a case of beer, they picked us up, we bought them pizza and celebrated our return.


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