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hitchhikers drive to more empathy – #5

October 9, 2014 - theuniverse -

we hit the streets, thumbs up, down the road – portraying the people, who give us a ride! welcome to new adventures and undiscovered paths…


we met pete on the ‘smokers-deck’ when we took the ferry from North Sydney to Port au Basque, Newfoundland.
I remember the dialogue and it goes like this:

pete: hey guys, what up?
not too much, how’s u?
pete: not bad, where are ye heading?
St. Johns, we’re goin to hitchhike all over the island
pete: wow, that’s quite a trip boys, already got a ride?
pete: want a ride?

he shared his whiskey bottle with us and we got wasted in the bar later. after he found the keys of his trucks the next morning,
(he almost had a heart attack, because his vehicle was first in line and he forgot that he had left the keys inside the truck on the bunk
bed) we cruised 1000 km and nearly 12 hours over the beautiful island, listening to metallica…

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if you wanna check out or last ride, follow the link down the road…

[all photographs Nikon FM2 on kodak portra 400]

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