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finding ciudad perdida

October 12, 2014 - theuniverse -

we hiked on an abandoned path, 8 days through the highland jungle in ‘sierra nevada de santa marta – colombia’ to find the ‘forbidden city’. our guide was a 18 year old kid from a village right before the deep rainforest. it was hell on earth, beautiful and breathtaking…

somebody we met along our journey off the beaten tracks in Colombia told us about the ‘forbidden city’ hidden in the highland jungle close to the Venezuelan border. that sounded like an adventure to us and we love adventures.

we took a motorbike-taxi from Santa Marta to Minca and ran into two Irish guys, who were building up a hostel on a plateau, four hours up a dirt road. these guys told us, that people usually come from the other side of the mountain range and pay 300$ to enjoy a guided trip through the forest with mules carrying your food and shit. no option for us travelling on low money.
they suggested we could try to find a local to bring us to the historic city on an old, abandoned path. after another five hours of hiking towards the wilderness we found a 18 year old kid, who said he went to the city before three times with his father.

long story short: he literally chased us through the jungle. we’ve never suffered so hard in our life’s before and I honestly doubted more than one time, that we would make it out of that green hell alive. poisonous spiders, scorpions and snakes and even the trees had spikes.
ciudadperdida111mankind has been ‘domesticating’ their environment and raping the nature for so long, in the jungle nobody helps you, there is no mercy, this time I felt fucked…


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