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Dusty air

October 7, 2014 - theuniverse -

Big dreams!!

First impressions …

Where my journey began.

Travel the world…

Big dreams…!!

once you started you can hardly stop and never go back. So many things to see, so much to explore… The way of viewing things changes, you learn a lot about others but also about your self.

A young girl goes to see her Dad in the wilderness of Mozambique, Africa. The magical continent where u see more stars in one night then you do here in one year.

Learning about other cultures and countries in school or books or even from stories of others is one thing! A good thing, a privilege we have in these days and didn´t use to…

But to see the beauty of a far away country by yourself, to actually feel the hot air blowing in your face, the sun rays tickeling your skin and the dry sand getting stuck between your toes is something completely different.

Nature´s soul is still very present and life is pulsating in every corner… No time pressure, no rush, no stress. All the „important“ things are, all of the sudden, not that important anymore…

But who knows for how long… time is running everywhere….


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