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Alice & OZ – going public

February 24, 2019 - whoneedslove -

this is the reflection between two characters about the blurry fantasy we paint with alcohol and other mind altering substances around our world – around us.


Have you ever had the adrenaline rush through you as you lead someone behind a building, a public restroom or into the cover of trees to have sex? Have you ever had that urge to have sex now, and not be able to wait, no matter where you are or what the consequences may be. Sex in public is exhilarating not only for the innumerable places and positions at you disposal but for the naughtiness and taboo. 

But what if you are actually watched, would you stop moments before orgasming or would you continue with a mysterious voyeur watching you in the dark? It could be anyone, an old man, your boss, an axe murderer. You could be tarnishing the brain of a child. What if the brain you were tarnishing was that of an animal, staring at you with confused watery eyes, watching the whole time. 

What if someone or something tried to join in the fun. Insects and orifices is my personal drawback from public sex. You don’t often find a pine beetle pinching at your butt hole in the comfort of your own bed, or maybe you do. Im no one to judge.


water sprinkling from a light, but steady waterfall into eyes reflex forcing sudden closure. it’s a weird water fall with changing temperatures from too cold to too hot, but hey, when you’re all in with your fingers trying too stimulate a vagina, you shouldn’t care anyways, but focus.
the inside of the female body; contracting, getting tighter maybe loosening up a little bit. then someone walks by the locked shower of the spa where the (half-)public intercourse is taking it’s wet course before finally we ejaculate ourselves out of the situation. cleaning up any goo left behind, while wondering how it would feel if you stepped into it.
the towels doing an only limited amount of good work, so foggy and jungle warm turned the cold, white tiled room. the body is damp and putting cloth on feels like slipping your whole body into a wet gum boot.

years ago i walked home from a party, the sun just about to rise, my mind just about to set when i spotted that couple having sex in the half dark far end under a bridge. cars driving by, people about to walk by, i walk as it was en route for me and i thought:

why not?

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