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a photographic disaster

October 15, 2014 - theuniverse -

Canon F1 + choppy sea + tiny fisher boat + salty water + motor-oil = dead camera + beautiful photographs

my attitude towards photography is often about a feeling, sometimes about poetry, but barely about technically brilliant pictures.

everybody can get a big fancy cam and use it like a machine gun, shooting down everything around. you might find one gemstone within a thousand tries, but you’ll miss creating an aura, capturing the soul of an image.

if you’re outta there with analogue equipment, you might be more aware and careful, because every single wasted photo is a little disaster – on your roll and in your wallet.

but sometimes a bigger disaster can turn your results into an unexpected little wonder:
during a terrifying (speed-)boat trip from Turbo (Colombia) to Carti (Panama), my bag pack got ripped and the cameras soaked. water, oil and mud worked on the sensitive film-material, starting their own chemical reactions. although most of the exposures were lost forever, the processes led to some magical pictures:

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