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A Very Ghetto Christmas Day

December 25, 2017 - romanticpathofselfdestruction -

the holidays from a different perspective with a disposable camera . . . portraying people many of you would call low-life, label as disposable, if you even look at them.

every year for a very long time now I’ve been fascinated by how some of the most poor, most drunk, most criminal, most disabled, most fucked up people offer and share an unmatched amount of love and care to their families and friends.

too many of the wealthy hide behind holiday cheer, stick on smiles and charitable tax-breaks whilst cutting people off in mall parking lots, snapping at under paid retail workers and insisting on being first in line.

christmas time has become a hideous spending sickness. wastefulness and ignorance covered up by a rosy cheeks and coloured paper. and to think, the worst may not even be around. those too grinchly for christmas may have treated themselves to an all inclusive resort to escape the holidays, giving grief to hotel staff and sipping bottomless margaritas. safely gated from the country’s exotic poor.

spending more time and spending less money. getting to know people, opening doors for people, helping people onto the bus. if thats what it mean to be the bottom class then im proud to be part of it.

the once striving ‘Delta Bingo’ many in Hamilton sadly watched getting torn down with.
not feasible, profitable or pretty the building had its nostalgic sides, which will be replaced by condos or / and
other card-board boxes.

urban hideouts where we emptying our bleddars before refilling our coffee mugs
with alcoholic beverages.


thank you Hamilton and have a Very Ghetto Christmas!


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