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January 7, 2015 - romanticpathofselfdestruction -

facebook attacked me more than often with an army of bad butterflies messing around in my stomach. the audience we want to address can not be forced to follow our stuff on this battlefield of virtual identities, seeking for a higher rank in vague social circles of triviality . . .

social networks have their advantages, some are ridiculous (self-projection), some are helpful (reaching many people in short time).

this is quantity over quality – fuck that!

thanks for (dis-)liking, sharing,

thanks for the attention and if you’re excited about seeing what we’re doing just bookmark

we know that’s an old thing, but it’s simple and somehow sustainable – like writing a letter, or a postcard.

that’s why we’re leaving, the blog will be disconnected from …



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  1. piotr says:

    ohhhhhh fukkking yeah!!!
    this makes me so happy đŸ™‚

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