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unicorn caught in freedom (pt I)

August 16, 2014 - whoneedslove -

we were hanging out on the balkony after a long party night. i think some did not even have taken a nap by then, when it happened…


something strange flew by… a fucking unicorn!!! it was dancing just for us! we were paralyzed by the perfection of the moment. but after the first wave of fascination drowned we recognized that it seemed a little ill, or how u wanna call it. finally the wind and rain were to much, so it had to land in some corner pretty close to our place.

we jumped up to rescue the wounded animal of joy. it got down in some locked up place, but we eventually found it wheeping by the fence. and by doing what had to be done and what everybody of us, who did not became a robot yet and has kept some last ideas of, not even humanity, just solidarity between living ‘stuff’, would have done, we got our hands on this rare flying (and unfortunately dying) animal.unicorn_2

we brought it back to our place as fast and save as possible.

the others, waiting there all the time in total confusion were so happy that we made it. we were overwhelmed by our feelings and everybody spent a lot of tears. we spared the tears and mixed our dearest guest an energy cocktail. the next hours were like being on drugs, even though we actually were pretty stoned it felt kind of multiplicated and combined with never tried new substances. we were laughing and dancing, joking and playing and we always were staring at the newest best friend of ours.

unicorn_knarreafter a while, normality came back and we continued shooting at random stuff. we thought the unicorn, or franz-josef as we used to call it, was hanging out with us, enyoing itself and we expected it to be happy about having a place just like all of us did.


the next night still felt great for the most of us, but some felt this tiny shift in atmosphere.

from my future point of view its quite disgusting what happened next, but back in these days it felt like we were doing things right, that it´s just best for a regenerating animal to force it stay close…


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  1. schlesi says:

    Haha, love it!

  2. AK47 says:

    Will there ever be a second part of this heartwarming story?
    I’m waiting like 5 years now…

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