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(t)reeplantTHIS! the full story – part II

August 28, 2014 - romanticpathofselfdestruction -

some parts of the story told here could be fictional, nothing is serious or true, but everything’s nothing but the truth and actually happened. we respect the integrity and privacy of everyone mentioned in the following, so names are changed, the rest is history.

the school bus/yellow rocket/brothel

in the past chapter the planters left the giant gravel pit right after breakfast to drive to the daily theatre of operations. but before they enter the block, some of the fearless are trapped in a shaky company vehicle, which transports two crews…

the camp is getting smaller and smaller behind you while you’re trying to find your seat, the same as every day. you climb over mud, dirt, empty beer cans, food leftovers and all other sorts of garbage kicking around in the bus from the last day off in town.


iphone snapshit

the convoy rolls down the logging road blowing the morning dust off your cloudy mind. the guy in the radio sings about trucks and girls and beers and trucks and,.. fuck no, not about rock ‘n’ roll at all.

alice is bus driver or rather a pilot, flying that yellow rocket down the dirt roads. everybody can tell about her mood and state of mind from the way she’s driving and even more from the music she’s playing – crappy versions of random techno songs, the sound system beats the shit out of you, the volume hurts, but it wakes you up. after a few weeks of brainwashing you finally love it – gross but real!

hooray our bus driver

hooray our bus driver

right now the bus is part of the ‘planting hell’ on earth, living hell. alice is still raping the yellow demon, while you’re inhaling a smoke in the back of the bus. later that day some other planter will complain about you smoking on a company vehicle – and that’s definitely illegal. haha, on the logging road nothings illegal. but you can’t do it – of course you can’t – you’re a hazard now! or is the company the hazard? you’re eating a shit load of pesticides up to twelve hours a day anyways – girls are not supposed to get pregnant for 3-5 years, and you complain about smoking? you plant baby-trees but you can’t plant baby-babys?

that reminds you of the past booze-night. felix was so excited when he stumble over to you and told you, that he banged her in the school bus and the other one later the night BEHIND the school bus.

smoking is strictly prohibited from now, andrea is hopefully not pregnant and the guy on the radio still sings about trucks and girls and beers and trucks. if angelas parents would.. if andreas parents would know…

justice restored!

alice emotions and – in consequence – motions change. so does her driving. her mind releases eruptions of anger and excitement, leading to even more countryshit, driving it into your brain. maybe she learned this special technique of torture from the army, where they harass imprisoned alleged terror-guys with metallica songs – shame on you metallica!


you’ll never find out, but you find a way to release all the pain and anger when you leave the bus and finally enter the BLOCK – it’s 7:30, welcome to the battlefield.

fear the third chapter of the big tree fuck 2014 coming up next week…

[all photographs Nikon FM2 on kodak portra 400]

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