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(t)reeplantTHIS! – sequel

October 4, 2014 - romanticpathofselfdestruction -

by lukas horch

how many times did you wish you could see a dragon fly? I always wished dragons were real, blasting the shit out of all the bad people in the world. since this is actually not happening, we wanna praise the micro-sister of the giant dragons, the dragon fly, for protecting us against swarms of evil insects out there in the bush. sleep well wilderness…092_92

your shovel in your stiff claw-hand you find yourself in a swamp, deep in the bush. zillions of black flies swarm you. you’re under attack. there is no poison, that can protect you. the repellent producers lied to you, company’s always lie. the tiniest hole in your tights, your shirt, is a gate for the vicious to your body. they enter, they attack, leaving bloody marks all over your leg, your back, your arms. they leave you with swollen flesh from which they took chunks as their prey. you’re so strong, but you get no mercy, you are destructible. you turn and your heavy bag drags you down, almost down to your knees. you reach back pouch, grab your bug-spray and spray it all over you, while you feel the sharp pain burning in your eyes and your lungs. you release the anger and pray for the dragon to come.
and sometimes they come! a squadron of dragon flys attacking from all sides now, opening up the battlefield – what an entrance.
and they kill, oh they kill fast and clear your vision. it’s over soon and finally a tiny dragon lands on your leg ripping chunks of a deer fly.

a sacrifice to a tree planter.

[dragon shot with Nikon FM2 on Kodak Portra 400]

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