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tree planting with helicopters and zombies

July 1, 2015 - romanticpathofselfdestruction -

the insanity of a life beyond your 9-5-imagination . . . 

Over two months ago we crashed into a bunch of friends every fashion designer could learn a lesson from. Boys and girls with filthy hair, painted faces, tattoos and tights, all muscle and ready to fight.

Stranded and desperate in the tiny, but caring community of Quesnel B.C. they helped us to ‘guerilla’-move into their camp where we set up tent and – finally – stayed.
ballsiness and persistence – attested by the Supervisor – opened again the gates to pain, despair, relief and the wonderful feeling of being on top of the world after a shift in the bush.

find the moose cow and win a great price (mail at

and countless shifts followed.

The insanity of a life beyond your 9-5-imagination , stories about Cocaine & Ceasars, blowing up, planting in Vietnam, lingerie and luxury, a dead man in a motel and the most legendary departure in planting history – all these things will be out here soon feeding voyeurism and TV crippled souls until the last suburban zombie starts to live.



also check out the bush-craziness from last year . . .

photo by winter

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