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tree planting in British Columbia – the introduction

September 26, 2015 - romanticpathofselfdestruction -

the dark and exciting sides of a job below the radar of society – welcome to the bush!

in the last two years I made both experiences: being a tree planter can be a good reference and it can be a bad reference, it opens doors in one provence and closes them in others.

the general opinion / impression people have towards those, who work and live in the bush is pretty much the same everywhere: it’s a place where college kids go to toughen up, suffer, loose weight, make love for a night and friends for life and money for overseas traveling and so on. they furthermore push lines and test the waters and have one or the other beer in public – local communities now choose to bash and ban or welcome and serve them.

but beneath the surface of general perception lays another world we enter when we hit the gravel pits and logging roads: a world with a glance of anarchy, not above the law, but far enough away from it, where social interaction and more freedom than anywhere else meet an environment that gives almost unlimited room for experiments and playing – sounds interesting?


play with us upcoming Saturday when we dive deep into the dark sides of a tree planting operation and it’s camps society . . .

[Nikon FM2/35-105mm_3.5/Velvia50/cross processed]

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  1. Les Harrington says:

    Very cool finding your stuff here! I’m an old, gimped up veteran of 23 seasons pounding in trees and find myself missing the life…and even the work sometimes, at least on sunny spring days. The best part comes years from now when you see a forest where you planted a clear cut!

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