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toadstool powerhouse or how a mushroom breaks out of prison

January 21, 2017 - theuniverse -

I had a break-through experience with a (not so-)little mushroom . . .
people don’t like to walk much. I don’t like to walk much either. especially since a big part of my life throughout the year became running up and down hills while planting trees.

I’ve been thinking and even researching quite a bit about the energy-household and even what it takes to burn calories to stay fit. apparently a very tough tree planter plows away a solid 10.000 calories in a day. that’s pretty exciting and almost too fantastic to be true.
it is at least an impressive number to throw at people and then everyone who has (actually) worked out before might be with me here.

I also wouldn’t claim to be 5% of a scientists (I obtained a B.Sc.), but I went on a walk not too long ago and I found this:

so the 10.000 calories we’re humans are capable of burning remains, but mushrooms kick-ass, well, kick pavement. this little fella here kicked the shit out of a thick layer
of concrete and blasted its’ way up to the surface, leaving a perfect mound a couple of inches further.
it blew (haha) my mind when I entered the scene and still makes me smile about how abso-fuckin-lutely insignificant we all are and I’m very happy about the fact, that
this mushroom is stronger than you, than me, than all of us.

we’re able to destroy things around us with a snip of the finger, but we can’t obliterate a walk with our bare hands. we can make streets, build cars, get into accidents and
die, we might be able to utilize natures strengths, but we’re far from any idea of what true force means.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

[Nikon FM2/35-105mm_3.5/Kodak Portra 400]

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35mm film photography and messy writing about the boring human features of people . contagious. accidental. coincidental. featured on blog. story about sailing, drugs, puppy litters, abuse,
35mm film photo series about the boring human feature of yawning. contagious. accidental. coincidental.
35mm film photo series about the boring human feature of yawning. contagious. accidental. coincidental. featured on blog