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the yawning #1 – a very boring series

July 17, 2016 - romanticpathofselfdestruction -

about two years ago I started taking photos of April yawning . . .  since then I’ve piled up a nice pile of pictures documenting her expression of a very social and physiological phenomenon. whether its based on physical, or mental exhaustion, contagion and/or laughter I don’t know, but everybody yawns, babies, animals, and there’s tons of theories and studies about why we yarn, but none seems to have things really figured out.

I personally like the one, that claims people yawn more during winter, when the cold air (apparently) can cool down the brain.

the majority of my photos has been taken in the cold months – coincidence?

some photos, are blurry, dreamy, not sharp, too dark, or too bright, but they always on 35mm film and cover what they’re supposed to:

the first ones show April yawning in Germany/airport/outhouse/Leipzig

_17_00154 __2_00231

in this one I changed the specifications for a moment, but April yawned shortly after the shot was taken – seriously!

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