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March 20, 2015 - mirrormirror / whoneedslove -

the female body as an object is as outworn in the arts as pornography is for masturbation. the flesh, the beauty and the ugly have been abused for the sake of the suppressed and hopeless for too long – here a different approach . . .
the mannequin in a room with no arms and no legs as an over-sexualised object representing the female body.

its alienated face or alien-like appearance, uncompleted with female shapes, boobs, a cracked filigree face

for the purpose of pleasure in porn, in highest perfection the  humiliation of the female body for (mostly) men.

the body is seen as an object, that has to be dominated. a piece of meat, that has to be eaten. flesh with holes, that has to be beaten.

the standards of beauty apply: perfection, no hair, waxing, bleaching, no pimples, perfect skin, a set iffancy vaginas, buttholes, a mouth, a throat with no gag reflex to swallow.

this is the teaser, the main project coming up soon . . . you might be offended, disgusted, angry, disappointed – you might hate me.


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