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The FM2 and Others Club

October 30, 2015 - theuniverse -

a bunch of people going out to shoot the world – our perspective becomes yours . . .

Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada.

April Winter (Nikon FM2/28mm/2.8)
Jim Colvill (Nikon FM2/50mm1.8/Kodak200 )
Muli Muli (Nikon FM2/35-105mm/3.5/Iflord200)

capture the Kaslo Shipyard.


feature photograph by April Winter:

i entered this tiny photo competition with one last shot on my roll of film. i ran around the location desperately looking from place to place for the right angle, the right light, the right settings. i climbed a ladder and a boat, i stood on a bench and went thigh deep in the water still wearing my pants. feeling conflicted i sat on the tracks and looked in the water. i rolled on my belly to check the last possible angle i could attack this view at, took a deep breath exhaled and pushed the trigger. film is special in that way, its not like pushing the trigger of the digital machine gun camera, you have to be patient, you have to measure twice, cut once. you cant take 600 shots and hope for the magical one. you have 24 chances to capture the magic but hopefully you only need one.

Jim Colvill:


I got pretty lucky with the position on this one, with the framing through the old abandoned building… but I fucked up the composition a little bit trying to get that graffiti in there. It’s also a bit wonky. Maybe it’d look better with a bit of a crop and a little more light; but I don’t believe in cropping so it’s no comp-winner this time… Meow.



Muli Muli

I’ve been walking past the railroad tracks with our dogs for a few weeks now trying to find a spot from where I could shoot the tracks going under water and at the same time including the huge log pillars in the composition of the photograph. from a lower perspective the lens seemed to capture the movement of a locomotive on the tracks way back in history. I took off my shoes and walked down into the water finding the planks and the tracks too slippery to put up my tripod. a nice addition are the peaks of the mountain range in the background surrounding the lake and completing the picture of a story, that is unknown or long forgotten: why are these railroad tracks here, which purpose did they serve? but the aura of a moment in time doesn’t always need a question. the moment I released the trigger I continued the story of this arrangement of water, rocks, mountains, metal and steel in black and white and gave the answer to no question.

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