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the exposable project

October 7, 2014 - whoneedslove -

by YOU – we’re living in an over-saturated world, packed with all the possibilities social media and networking are giving us.
we’re keeping with the times. but they’re too fast for some. so how can we change it?

it happened a few years ago. I sent my mom a text-message, but back then she barely knew how to use her cellphone (early 2000s).
she basically just knew how to answer an incoming call, or which buttons to push to call important (family)-members in her contact-list.
so I didn’t really expect her to answer, but was stoked when I came home and found a postcard in my (analogue)-mail ((the wooden or metal box attached (usually) to your house)).
I was so impressed by that move, that I started to send cards around (to friends and family) – once in while and sometimes quite often.

disposable cameras are fun toys and they brought us to the idea of combining both, ‘postcards’ and ‘fun-cams’.

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photography never shows the truth, only a ‘cut’ of reality, a story written with light, limited by a frame and being at the mercy of the composing subject (the photographer). if some people would start their own little ‘exposable-project’ and – even better – hand the camera on or send it to somebody by mail, we could create eclectic, holistic (art-)work about you, your environment and the rest of the world.

isn’t it worth a try to see if pictures are coming back to tell a little story? chillin in the park is almost over, time to start a hobby, let the cams travel…

the ‘rules of the game ‘ are explained in the picture above (feature image).
if you happen to finish the roll, send the developed material to:

and we’ll try to find out, what folks were up to…

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