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the drunken mans tale

January 10, 2016 - mirrormirror -

alcoholics are artists too . . .

our high-school happened to be located next to a rehab center for alcohol and pills. we took off frequently to smoke weed in the bushes between the big buildings. I remember a day when we met a bunch of patients having a little party behind the clinic in the woods. they invited us, gave us a sip of liquor each and showed us the monument, made of booze bottles, they had built for one of their fellows who had died. the sculpture was 5 – 6 feet tall with arms, legs and a face with a cigarette.


a befriended (tattoo-)artist from Germany designed this beautiful Christmas decoration collaborating with the drunk sitting in front of his studio every day drinking ‘schnaps’. all the tiny bottles are from the same guy and he’d leave them behind on the bench right by the window.

what do we learn: drink and be creative, or something like that.

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