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October 21, 2016 - whoneedslove -

Queen and Bathurst representing the North American Dream . . .

walking around corners

into another dimension,

while the whole situation

on the intersection

merges (together)

to a collective erection:

an ambulance

and another one,

three policemen

with a water-gun.

a black black-bear,

he lost his smile,


with a bloody eye.

the cops, the helpers,

the firefighters,

baristas, pedestrians

and cookie biters –

they all, interrupted

in their daily (e)motion,

waiting, lurking

for the monumental devotion.

situation under control?

fallacy! and people roll:

homeless man,

a beggar, a louse

blocking the entrance

of the coffee house.

yelling, kicking

he stands his ground

taking ‘property’

into account.

the noise of the clerk

trying to find a solution,

wakes up a man,

and causes confusion.

from his balcony

he speaks out loud,

‘let men be,

fuck off and get out!’

universe breaks

the pedestrians, their prancing,

when it sends down a girl,

singing and dancing.

her eyes so wild,

her hair a mess,

she hits the road

in a sunny dress.

the strollers still strolling,

the cookies still eaten,

we realize

why she looks so beaten.

the hospital a block away,

released her soul

from mad mens bay.

everybody waited,

she entered the stage,

to overcome her mental rage.

the curtain, the scenery

it finally falls

and leaves the observer

sour and cold

and thinking about

the situation

and the future

of an entire nation.


[Nikon D300/35-105mm_3.5]

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