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March 12, 2016 / theuniverse //

meaning and interpretation influenced by cinema, in example of the work of Andrei Tarkovsky – beautiful 35mm shots . . .

March 10, 2016 / mirrormirror //

here’s the true story about a clever man, who made a little fortune after the 2nd World War by tricking the victorious allies and then both German countries . . .

February 16, 2016 / mirrormirror / theuniverse //

a blurry story about our neighbor Bob meeting a Nazi as a kid . . .

December 11, 2015 / theuniverse //

A bear and his cubs in his natural habitat, prowls the forest floor for food left by humans, such as barbeque chips, pizza crusts, and bits of cookies.

December 3, 2015 / romanticpathofselfdestruction //

  the terror of takeoff Are we all going down in flames? It’s been seventeen hours since I had a cigarette… Ah man I wanna GO somewhere – Anywhere eat some weird shit, be lost feel stupid; be ignorant lose shit; get ripped off not understand anything meet Germans in hostels get too drunk, do drugs maybe…

May 23, 2015 / theuniverse //

I walk a lot. I walk a lot, because I have a dog. I walk and explore and shoot things and people, moments and shadows with light and with my camera. I walk along a never ending circle of everything around me fading, merging, arising . . . 

May 16, 2015 / theuniverse //

taking the subway makes me anxious. usually I listen to music, but last week my battery was low so I played with my camera . . . 

May 10, 2015 / theuniverse //

this is the eternal photo fight between a (camera-)girl and a (camera-)boy – let the game begin . . . 

May 8, 2015 / theuniverse //

men at work, a lot of noise, tons of dust, piles of muscle and dirt, giant vehicles, mighty, powerful tools used to tame the environment and turn it into accessible accessoires of urban living – I always smile . . . 

April 26, 2015 / theuniverse //

I love to talk in pictures and I like to let pictures talk . . .

April 25, 2015 / theuniverse //

waterfalls make a lot of noise and they make you wet. but sometimes the best choice is to drop everything on your mind – just breathe . . . 

April 4, 2015 / theuniverse //

over the last three months I passed by a dusty shop window almost every day. 

I tried to think about ‘time’ as a construction we need to give our regular minds the stability to cross mental and physical barriers and I came to the conclusion, that it was a waste of time . . .

January 31, 2015 / mirrormirror //

a tiny play against extravagance and wilful waste, that comes with living in times of hypermodernity . . .

October 2, 2014 / theuniverse //

A journey into the past, an old beach which once thrived now run down with garbage dumps and massive trucks. Using expired infrared film, I captured the mood of a lost time and area that once had energy but is fading quickly. If we are not aware of the effects of our actions on the…

September 13, 2014 / mirrormirror //

digital vs analog || color vs bw || woman vs man

September 3, 2014 / theuniverse //

Photographing an event can go one of two ways:

August 29, 2014 / theuniverse //

We are all built up of bits of light and shadows tones of black, white and grey beyond the surface dive into the senses ,,

August 10, 2014 / theuniverse //

Sunday evening was the Supermoon,

June 23, 2014 / theuniverse //

— Toronto — Dufferin St. —