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suicide now, everybody! – the Halloween post

October 31, 2015 - mirrormirror / romanticpathofselfdestruction -

fall is here introducing rain and cold winds – time for a collective suicide, so long and see you in spring . . .

and again we lived away our lives. another season of human barrels gushing energies through the heat of the summer has passed.

drained souls now wander the streets, counting leafs covering the sidewalks, both remaining for a time, while

the blue sky goes on its long journey South to befriend another hemisphere.

less smiles up North, minds charging, digesting, fattening up on holi- and all the other days waiting for the dawn of a warm long day so far away.

the pretenders and posers evicting us out of our existences are omnipresent, but there’s still room to start over and occupy other playgrounds (a little story):

MUL_8438 MUL_8420 MUL_8396 MUL_8380

if you join our mental collective suicide now, take the chance and avoid, go down into your cave and hide – disappear! expose yourself, you, take a seat on the stage of life, turn the spot light on and stop thinking, for a minute or two and let the thoughts fly, until you find one that is worth working with – stop talking, stop writing.

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