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someone, anyone, let the babies cry

October 9, 2015 - whoneedslove -

words on stupidity

everyone knows that
someone’s got to break a window
a nipple’s gotta show
the protestors gotta burn shit
and the babies gotta keep quiet
or no one cares

we sabotage the train tracks
burn people to the ground
and worst of all, cut the internet connection
the sense of self is under critique
is unfolding us
we’re obsessed with crisis
things can’t be okay
the relations tell us so
but hey,
at least we have our light bulbs and oreos

keep crossing out the days, kid
we put a penny on weight
compare the living and the dead
as long as your footprint says you were here
like lipstick on a bathroom stall
piss in the sand,
burn your feet, baby
it doesn’t matter like it used to

then the memories go somewhere else
to someone else
with someone else
the tickets come fast
steady as we were
they fill our desk drawers
our pockets
the smiles of the people we’ll never know
everything that shows that we are like,

some sort of human,

and we’re packing our bags with more
kid, get less
what’s going to happen when the sun goes down?


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  1. The Oreo-man says:

    You’re poem gives me severe existential fears – good!

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