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April 18, 2015 - mirrormirror / theuniverse -

racism is part of our life we can hardly overcome. it surrounds us like a fog in which we try to find our position towards everyday-life-inequality . . .

this photo series is agains racism I spot in daily life. my goal is to approach certain topics with my camera and to capture it in a creative way, in order to give both: the picture of the (identified) source of imbalance and an idea about how playful we could enhance living together or next to each other without excluding anyone.

we stumble and fall over the most trivial events and prejudices, it seems to be more important to have somebody to blame for our complaints, than giving the people around us the same space we demand for ourselves – the day has structure if we know where/who the enemy is.

defamation and unfairness doesn’t know borders and every country has it’s assholes, but why can’t we simply accept, that we are unconditionally equal by being so wonderfully different?

photo-series part I:

models: gabriella / slone / cameron
makeup&idea: april winter
photos: lukas horch



[Nikon FM2 / 35 – 105 mm 3.5 / Kodak Gold 400]


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