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selfies #22 and the spirit of the 1990s Internet

March 31, 2016 - mirrormirror -

finally an authentic strike with words and fruits into your self portraits . .

I don’t know Gerard Raatgeep, but I’d put him somewhere near the New-Post-Age-Media-Artists. he misses the innocence, privacy and curiosity of the 90s Internet and the way he dresses on most of his photos reveals a touch of the preferences in fashion of a man, who lived through his late 20s early 30s before the millennium.


I’ve been ranting about the self(ish) portraying – mostly younger – generations in previous posts, but Gerard found a lovely way to mock what became
his project (including more than 200 selfies) is a parody on everyone out there posing near the Eiffel-tower, on the Chinese Wall, with Dolphins, Donald Trump, or in making weird lip grimaces in front of the mirror.
why not putting some organic cake, cable, pizza slices, or a plant in your face?


‘don’t be afraid to create’ he says. exactly, stop to fake and start to make:

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he has waaay too many selfies to show, but if you’re into it:

more (photo)work from Gerard here:


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