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selfies #18 – my brain in a bowl (of beer)

December 3, 2015 - mirrormirror -

another selfie! a selfie in a bowl, no, in a coffee cup . . .

a bowl filled with beer, up to a point where it starts spilling thoughts and thoughts and words and more and more.

I love beer, if I could I would swim in a sea of beer,

I would own a beer store or ten,

drink a hundred pints and open up

a pub.

floating with a goldfish,

that died from too much alcohol,

drowned in sadness and tears

a drunk with a mind

in a drawer

opens a door:

Photo 2015-09-02, 8 58 41 AM

but in the end it was just a coffee sitting on a worn out motor or am I exhausted?

I forgot.

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