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selfies #17 – Prince George in a Hot Tub

October 24, 2015 - mirrormirror -

a reason to take a selfie in my mind is to remember and prove to yourself and others of the places and things you’ve done. this summer i stayed at a sleezy motel called the Cannuaght which advertised hot tubs and swimming pools but had none. the night before i took this my friends and i got a rude awakening at five in the morning by a couple cops and their dogs. whether or not we’d done anything criminal didn’t worry me, there was far worse things happening at the Cannaught then a couple too many people sharing a room and drinking a case or two of beer. i knew this because i watched a man try and avoid being seen while shooting up heroin right beside me and a pregnant women projectile vomit in the parking lot from doing too many stimulants. turns out the police were there to question us about a shooting a couple doors down. someone had been shot seven times because of some drug related business. the cop soon realized we were of no help but he was from the same small town as one of the friends in the room. all the questioning stopped and a strange change of topics took place about neighborhoods, hands where shaken and smiles exchanged.


Because of our tree planting sleep schedules there was no way of going back to bed. we took the remaining beers and walked to the lobby parking lot of the motel. we talked to the locals, they shared their stories and we shared our beers. after a couple i really had to pee but didn’t want to go all the way back to our room so i asked the man behind the desk where the bathroom was. he pointed me downstairs and told me it wasn’t the best but it works. i walk down the drywall littered carpeted stairs and enter a very dirty and bizarre place. the entire room was filled with junk, old building materials, decrepit air-conditioners that looked like they smoked one pack too many, Christmas trees and Christmas paper, stacks upon stacks of phone books dating back three years, a dirty toilet and to my surprise a hot tub. So the motel wasn’t lying; its just the hot tub looked as clean and calming as its residents.


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