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selfies #10 – featuring the sculptor

March 9, 2015 - mirrormirror -

self portraits can be a classic and classy representation of an artist and they’ve been made since the earliest times of any kind of art – from drawings, photographs and even sculptures.

‘selfies’ nowadays turn self portraits from an aesthetic approach, to create a picture of yourself, into an narcissistic waste of your time looking into the camera of your smartphone.
show the world chocolate side of your existence, while asking yourself if you’ve ever worn these cloth in a ‘selfie’. another very disgusting excess since evil wo(men) invented the internet.

my idea is to take self portraits, looking for mirrors wherever I go.
as a result the focus is not on my face, it’s on what surrounds me:

yeepeeeyaaayeee the 10th post – and today we have a true ‘selfie-special’: this dude uses his modelling skills to create a figure of himself, a genesis, the reflection of a soul in grey, with a bold head. crafting a mullet would have been to much – way too much . . .



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