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selfie #27 accidental selfie

June 18, 2017 - mirrormirror -

i take a lot of self portraits. As much as id like to take staged photos of other people, to the core i am a person who thrives on solitude. I take self portraits because i dont want to ask someone to act lonely, i dont want to ask them to pretend they are alone in a dark studio in front of a camera, to pretend that im not there. I also wouldnt condemn anyone to wrap 100 feet of electrical tape around their body then slowly and painfully remove it. Its something that renders how i feel and maybe no one else.

Playing photographer and model is sometimes difficult, i have no one to tell fix my hair for example or to refocus on my body. i basically have 10 seconds to press the shutter, run to my spot and take the pose. With film i have a limited amount of photos i can take so i try to keep the “happy accidents” to a minimum. But here are some from my Cabin Fever Space Station series in the past two months that occured by forgetting to set the self timer. although not artistically great they show a different perspective of my process and act more as accidental selfies then as self portraits.

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