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refugees in Germany

December 17, 2016 - mirrormirror -

why don’t all the self-titled ‘worried European citizens’ go and fuck themselves? I feel I’m missing out on something. I’m missing out on a great, but ugly development, since Germany won the World-cup and I left the continent. a new German ‘We’ was on the rise, when an – more or less –¬† unexpected 1.1 million people came in 2015 to find shelter and to launch an avalanche-size controversy about how much value international human rights really have, or if they – at all – exist.

example: my father, a former member of a fundamentalist bible party, then later joining the conservative Christian Democratic Union, is one of many, many Germans who would rather see politicians kicking every foreigner out of the country. and that might very likely hit the Turks too, who came as ‘guest workers’, but were never expected to stay, after building up Germany during the post-war-boom. but they stayed and I grew up as a teenager in the late 90s, early 2000s living an omnipresent fear mixed with countless prejudices against those, who now are doing the jobs we don’t wanna do at gas stations, cleaning companies, grocery stores etc.
but back to my dad and (haha) more substantial German politics : Germany is rich, extremely well off and that might have been one of the reasons why chancellor Angela Merkel is opening the gates to Euope. to a place, that has killed millions of people in the past. Germany is probably rich enough to support all the refugees while building more Autobahnen (highways) + investing into other infrastructure, industry and their famous apprenticeship programs.
but my dad and the rest of the ‘worried citizens’ would argue about the ‘taxes’ they’re paying and the ultimate question: ‘who’s going to pay for this’?
I’m – personally – having a hard time with this argument, since my own family has cost the state more, than we could ever pay back (on a materialistic level), including siblings in mental hospitals (two at this time), committed crimes in the past, or a family business, that went bankrupt and with its debts magically disappearing after a few years.
trial and error with your career I guess, but only if you happen to earn those mistakes with a birth right. if not, you’re fucked, e.g. if you were born on the wrong continent. I mean, seriously? how can Germans possibly not be welcoming, spreading their roots all over the planet since centuries? it blew my mind how many German city signs I can identify as a German traveling across North America. how many people over there have German ancestors? the girl I married is partly German and we’ve met at a drug dealers house in Toronto – isn’t that funny?

back to the sad refugees: there they are, sitting in a country, that pokes its nasty fingers into every hole on earth, but still people go on flaming rallies to protest against the threat of ‘over-foreignization’. that’s not just ridiculous, that’s a clinically collective psychotic episode, that should be treated as such. since I don’t know how to lock up and sedate millions of Germans, the only thing I can do is write against it.
maybe the good thing is, that the biggest noise comes from place where few refugees go, the east of Germany. it’s always been the poorer part of the country and when I moved to Dresden late 2000s my native-eastern friends would tell me how there parents advised them not to learn the local dialect, because it lowers job chances in the rest of the country (Germans think eastern dialect sounds somewhat retarded, which is true!) now is it surprising, that the majority of the protesters against refugees live over there? yes and no! yes, because it’s easy to find an enemy you can beat on, when you’re sitting on your ass, smoking and drinking beer cans, bragging about your unemployment, while 10,000s of jobs every year are not filled, because – and now comes something very funny – many in the east don’t want to leave there¬† home to take a decent job. awww, poor you! and what about all the refugees? they traveled 1000s of miles to get to a safe haven and we still have to give them a hard time. here comes the ‘No’: because you don’t have to live over there to be stupid! my father lives in nice suburb in a small stone built house and has enjoyed a higher academic education, but still doesn’t like foreigners, islam and mosques, because he is so unhappy about his own life, his failures and a lot of other things, that he simply can’t handle the drama. 1500 refugees, that are coming from war torn countries behind his backyard? hell no, but what can he do about it.. he actually does a lot about it by being part of a silent and ‘peaceful’ (big) bunch of citizens, who lace their closeted Nazi-ideas with ‘free speech’ and ‘only being worried citizens’ phrases.

I’m lacking understanding for all that. there’s a German saying: ‘Wie es in den Wald ruft, so schallt es wieder raus’, or ‘what goes around comes around’. the world has enough positive examples for how a welcoming nation together with integration efforts and financial investment can earn a great future outcome, if we just let it happen. my own family has virtually done zero for the immigrants and I just read (again) about how we’re all not having enough babies to sustain a future German nation. we better get used to the idea (which we should have started in the 70s, and earlier, with the Turks), that skin color, religion, etc. don’t matter and we all can live next to each other in overlapping communities “a la give room take room”. give something take something.

it gets bizarre when I think about Germans going against immigration while not having enough children themselves, but now my own sister, my parents first daughter got pregnant suffering a severe psychosis.


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