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October 2, 2014 - whoneedslove -

when you go to a dog-friendly park you make a lot of ‘four-legged’ friends. they are the ideal ice breakers. when it comes to dogs, people are equal, at least most of the time. people walk their dogs and let them play with other dogs, most of the time – not in the winter.

watching dogs play can be a day long entertainment, if you don’t know what to do with yourself. they play in a million different ways. some dogs wrestle for hours, some loners don’t like to play at all and fight, if stranger makes contact and some dogs like to chase other dogs…


but when I saw what I actually captured, I realized, that this fluffy little guy was fleeing from a wolf-like husky,
his eyes full of fear. pure panic and the awareness of not having the slightest chance…

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