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December 28, 2014 - whoneedslove -

glaring at others

she wears a skirt,

soakin wet with blood

and dirt.

you meet her in the dark,

dark corner of a room

a temple of love

the temple of doom.

waving with fingernails

to offer a place,

in her kingdom

crumbling with grace.

it becomes a shelter

if you crawl and hide

adore the black

avoid the light,

she loves you apart

in a dress of silk

while you suck her tits

with blackened milk.

steady laughter,

caught in a breeze

when majesty

gives birth to grief.

a mother a thief,

an institution

natural poison

an unborn solution.

bolts through your heart

a mind in a room

trying to escape

the temple of doom.

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