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Polaroid feature – a walk over your everyday normal life

March 26, 2016 - theuniverse -

simple, beautiful and raw . . .

Graciela discovered, that she wanted to shoot analog when she started studying photography. developing photos, the process itself and what you ‘can get out of it’ started a passion. somebody gave her a Polaroid camera:

Graciela Rodriguez 002

every shot is unique, expensive. that’s why she takes time working with people.
inspired by the symmetry and simplicity of Ulrich Seidls work she focuses especially on woman with their serenity, wild beauty, strength and passion.

photographs with little say much:

Graciela Rodriguez 003 Graciela Rodriguez 004   Graciela Rodriguez 013 Graciela Rodriguez 014

Equipment: Polaroid SX-70, color film.

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