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PlayBoy Perfection

February 12, 2015 - whoneedslove -

I found a playboy magazine that was published February 1st 1993, 10 days after I was born. I flipped through it and was intrigued at what was considered the ideal female form and style. I was interested because these were the ideals that I was born into. . .

These are the women that men wanted to be with and other women wanted to be. But how can an ideal change? It seems to conflict with the very meaning of ideal or perfection. I cut out every single body and piece of flesh from the magazine to see the context in which the bodies were placed. The context was mostly swaths of fabric, dry jokes and cigarette ads. I collaged some of the bodies together to show the body without context. These bodies  all looked the same, only a very specific kind of woman was chosen, I think one of the specifications was that they needed to be spray tanned the colour of a bruised nectarine. I liked the collage but wanted to elevate the image so I painted it larger (5×2.5 feet), gold leafed the nipples and pubic hair and painted the background the colour of my baby room.

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  1. pepe says:

    where is the painting?

  2. pepe says:

    ohhh… now it loaded it

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