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places magnified – toronto

November 20, 2014 - theuniverse -

most people, who visit a place have actually no idea what they’re doing. carrying a tourist guide or following a tourist guy, they see what exactly what the tourist-marketing-management-crooks wants them to see – not more, often less, stealing as much money as possible out of your pocket. yes sure, the baroque old-town is nice, bla, another theme park, fuck that. but if you wanna get into a city/place, the dark sights is what you want and the local people get you there.

cherrytown 15

hitchhike to the town of your desire and you’ll meet insane people guaranteed. some just bring you closer, others bring you to your place and some hook you up with a home or/and new friends.

cherrytown 21

I see big cities through a macro lens – metaphorically – zoom out, go to the birds eyes perspective and try to capture an image of what you see in front of your inner eye. it might become overwhelming and you might fail, or you have an idea…

every bigger place, where people gather in communities, has the need and sometimes the lack of hidden spots. an oasis behind a wall, a pond behind a stonewall curtain, or just a square, where certain people meet to share and burn thoughts or love, or anger under a – sometimes – blue sky.

cherrytown 22

you gotta get up to find those places, can you find them? I asked myself, when I finally become a ‘citizen’ of a place? a couple of days, compressed into a ‘city trip’, can not satisfy. I found out for myself, that a citizen makes you a citizen, not considering ‘hard facts’ like a regular job, your own apartment – fuck that, who wants hang out in your backyard? let the town be your backyard!

cherrytown 18

what you need is local power and friends, who take you to places, the angry tourist can not discover, simply because they can’t find it.

no money pays for the alternative knowledge of a lonely beach next to a dumpster:

stinky, but lovely
loud, but lonely


[Nikon FM2/35-105mm_3.5/Kodak Portra 400/Epson 3200]

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