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places magnified – medellín

November 14, 2014 - theuniverse -

like blow? seen the movie? done it? know what I’m talking about? curious? read more then…

I wasn’t scared when I first came to Colombia, but I was anxious. partially raised by Hollywood and sensational documentaries, my picture about this beautiful country consisted of guns, violence, cocaine, prostitution, big piles of money and all the other wonderful things people dig out of mother earth, so we can play with them.

and it’s partially true. Medellín had the sad honour of being rewarded as the most dangerous city for decades. the country’s civil war between government, paramilitary groups, crime syndicates and left winged guerillas (FARC for example) began in 1964/66 and is still going. a lot of things have changed in the last year and the ‘city of eternal spring’ has become much safer. less innocent citizens get shot, but you still don’t wanna go out in the dark alone.

photograph: Tobias Huebner

photograph: Tobias Huebner

and there is a another danger out there in the streets, on the squares – it’s you, it’s me, it’s the god damn tourist.
Medellin is the hot spot Colombias right now. the metropolis has a vivid art scene with countless ‘artesanos’ (street artist), great (often politic) street art and a wild party scene.

and that’s the problem.

of course you can go down all the way south to party as hard as you’ve never partied before. the dealer at the corner will make his profits and you happy. the cocaine is cut, but will blast you away guaranteed. few tourists know, or wanna know, that they indirectly fund the drug war and hence violence. Colombia is still the worlds top dog and in charge of letting it snow all over the planet. the price is too ridiculous to tell and if you happen to know the right people you don’t even have to pay for turning your (night-)life into a bright dreamy illusion of a superior existence.

and that’s the bigger problem.

a lot of tourists obviously go to this beautiful place just to spend their travel money on an artificial fun trip. more than few, I talked to, also hook up with whores (yes sometimes two or more, sure, it’s cheap) to fuck like they’ve never fucked, before they realize, that the blow doesn’t let their man parts grow – again, that’s what the drug does: pumping you up, you are the king, invincible, great, the best, the man .. you’re not, have a look at your poor being and feel the shame after you see what you’ve done to you and to the under aged girl waiting to get paid in the shitty brothel.


honestly, this is – for once – not my personal experience, but I’ve met those tourists, heard their stories and seen a lot.

what I’ve seen too is a beautiful city with tons of little wonders, ready to discover. don’t let the media tell you where to go, or not to go. meet, make friends with local people and try to live within and not off their culture, for a bit…



[Canon F1/50mm_1.2/Kodak Portra 400/Epson 3200]

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