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places magnified – bogotá

August 16, 2014 - theuniverse -

most people, who visit a place have actually no idea what they’re doing. carrying a tourist guide or following a tourist guy, they see what exactly what the tourist-marketing-management-crooks wants them to see – not more, often less, stealing as much money as possible out of your pocket. yes sure, the baroque old-town is nice, bla, another theme park, fuck that. but if you wanna get into a city/place, the dark sights is what you want and the local people get you there.

hitchhike to the town of your desire and you’ll meet insane people guaranteed. some just bring you closer, others bring you to your place and some hook you up with a home or/and new friends. is a wonderful platform for finding locals AND a home. the easiest way to be successful is to open up your little castle for strangers first and once you received a few positive references the world is literally yours. I mean, the majority of travellers and backpackers around the world still gather in hostels after they took the bus, hoping to find someone to share the bed with.
even the shiest blossoms, being far away from home, gaining enough self confidence to fuck the guy/girl next bunk bed in the dorm.  I’m not judging the people living that style of moving around, it’s just not sustainable.

bogotá is a monstrous shithole. drowned in exhaust fumes, loud and packed with people. most of the people living there look grumpy and stressed, ‘don’t fucking talk to me…’ you walk the streets, garbage piles burning everywhere, your nose surrenders and your lungs stop breathing.
good we met the best guys in town. the local skateboarders of that dismal place, made us feel home – welcome to another family!!!

[all photographs Canon AE1 on kodak portra 400]

if you happen to be in europe, check this project out: – alternative city maps from locals for locals!

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