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on a course in reverse – at the Golden Pan

October 17, 2015 - theuniverse / whoneedslove -

a colorful photo series about a day at a Motel in Quesnel . . . we’re revitalizing and continuing a very vivid and colorful series from 2014:

‘on a course-in reverse’ is a phrase painted on a wall in gingers living room in Toronto. I quote the phrase, because it inspired and encourages me in my work with a special method in the fields of photography called ‘cross processing’. (to read the full description of the process, scroll down)






different people in film history ‘invented’ this technique of shooting, so to say, through switching around the ‘correct’ processes of developing a (colour) negative film / or (colour) positive film.
if you bring your rolls to a studio, the usual way of developing a negative film happens over the C41-process.
a positive (color slide, your parents used to cover their vacations and project it on the garage wall after) was/is developed with the E6-process.
what you do is shoot a roll of color slide film and tell your photo studio to develop it with the C41- instead of the E6-process.

the results can be – literally – wild! depending on the amount of light, the type of film, chemicals used to develop and some other factors you can not control (expired film), your shots vary in saturation, colors and graininess from red over green to blue (RGB).
in consequence, you often get unexpected results and (sometimes) not necessarily what you want.
that’s how life should be, get off the course, dump the compass, go in reverse and see what happens.
it’s not easy, but rewarding!

[Nikon FM2/35-105mm_3.5/Velvia 50]

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