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March 17, 2016 - mirrormirror -

life’s a cycle. we play when we’re young. we play, before we die . . .

it’s crazy how mobile our world is; the first known – wooden – wheelchairs go back all the way to China 300-500 BC. today old folks can choose from a huge variety of modern vehicles and since our societies keep getting older, businesses are looking at an infinite market – six feet under:




This beautiful, blurry, little shot from Ignace, Ontario reminds me of a day in Dresden a few years ago, on my way to a lake.
I biked through one of the city’s outskirts and came by a huge graveyard on the left side. On my right hand I noticed first an old people’s home, right next to an undertaker neighbored by a public clinic – what a wonderful example for successful recycling!

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