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obituary on ‘kurt’ – R.I.P.

August 19, 2014 - theuniverse -

thousands of kilometres from home, beyond the northern polar circle, in july, they walked to safe his life.

kurt, a sheep, tied to the bow of a giant whaling ship, waiting in the tiny harbour of that small rocky island.

the next hunting game will come and kurt is doomed to accompany the chasers, as the sad, furry figurehead.

they walk along the big harbour through pouring rain, the sun never sets, but it’s grey and dark and their

blurry vision captures the irony of the unreal, surreal scenery – 500 people live here, there must be a bigger purpose.

big boat, big purpose. how big the purpose may be, they don’t care. you do not abuse sheep.

so they go, they climb and they free the lonely unfortunate, in order to tear away the fortune from the huntsmen,

who bring mischief across the great big seas.

farewell my friend!



and here’s what the norwegian newspaper thinks about the whole operation…

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