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places magnified – Niagara (falling)

February 18, 2015 - mirrormirror -

visiting the Niagara Falls is fun if you like Disneyland and King Kong, if you expect one of natures world wonders, better go somewhere else . . .

we took the bus to Niagara and I was shocked from the very first moment. the down town area of Niagara looks a bit like the moon. deserted, dark, grey. we arrived around noon and the streets were ours. it seems as if the tycoons and business lions, who are running the amusement park around the great Falls, leave the place behind as soon as the temperatures drop. they must hide all the dimes and nickels in big vaults somewhere far far away. stores closing down everywhere, crumbling walls, a place in ruins – pathetical and beautiful at the same time if you like ghost towns.


once in a while you spot a pale, creepy looking dude, who’s selling drugs to another pale, creepy looking dude. I feel like they’re on vacation too, not much else to do when nobody’s around they can mug or follow into the ‘safe zones’ of the summers crowds of people to steal your smartphone or your cotton candy.


we tried not to get to irritated by the very obvious and very large gap between poor and rich in this fun city. all the money goes into the wonderland district close to the falls, even Burger King looks like a roller-coaster. the whole scenery – a motley painted wasteland – made me feel dizzy and like throwing up. divided by streets and a weird bus system, we found two very fucked up worlds silently existing next to each other, waiting for Mr.&Mrs.9-5+attachment to inhabit.


we finally reached the spectacle earth gave to us and I let my eyes float along the horizon to absorb the beauty of a frozen water fall, that looks like giants trying to build an igloo. it’s so big, earth is so big, but (wo)men want to be bigger. so big I can’t focus just on the wonder, no there’s always a high rise, a casino blinking, or a factory in the background. oh mankind what have you done with this place?


I don’t think there’s a need for the water falls any more. why don’t they just pave that entire thing and turn it into a parking lot, I bet they need more parking space – more people, more parking. then nobody would complain and I could do other things than writing this pointless post.


[Nikon D300/35-105mm_3.5]

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