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January 1, 2017 - mirrormirror / romanticpathofselfdestruction -

we went on a most necessary, costly and radically mundane trip across the american continent . . .
starting out from an island, with a vehicle, that is likely not going to make it, but when you don’t expect too much, you get more out of it.
we had been living inside the moldy canopy of our tiny truck – that looks as if it’s inhabited by aliens and their babies – weeks before we began our journey from one of the Southern Gulf Islands.
sleeping in the back of a truck around freezing point is not very pleasant, but very cheap. it’s definitely better, than all the (National Geographic-documented) road-trips themed and a hatch-stickered during summer, with the ‘odd night’ outside Portland, because it got too cold. do you know at all what cold means? anyways going in summer is at least smarter, than what we’re doing right now, because if you haven’t noticed: it’s winter.

we also forgot to bring an elaborate playlist with songs for every mood and Provence. instead we brought three CD’s: Scorpions, VanHalen and the OST of ‘The Royal Tannenbaums’

we’re taking shitty photos, because it’s a shitty trip we would have never done, but we have to. so it feels rather like a work out, a working trip to pick up stuff, we accidentally sent out east long ago.

we have pretty much every tool we need to fix up the vehicle. again, if you don’t expect anything that’s better, than a 10.000$ car your parents gave you and now it has a dent and is only worth 9.500$. what a waste. on top of that you’re constantly confused about the traffic-signs along the road and how awkwardly the different regions of the continent deal with their very own bylaw-jungle.

our expenses mostly go into groceries and definitely not into crappy two-eggs-and-bacon breakfast, or ‘continental’, whatever that means. still we’re happy to admit, that we’re going for convenience McDonalds and TimHortons provide.

I’m holding my hot-dog, while listening to the newly acquired Madonna-Cd as I’m counting as many road kills as crosses and I’m wondering if my snack counts as a hand-held device…




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