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merry crisis pt. I – your dinner sucks

December 24, 2014 - mirrormirror -

festive mood? culinary festival of gourmet food from the world coming to your home tonight? everybody happy and together? even if you’re not, pretend – until the end . . .

the year is almost over and another estimated amount of some four billion metric tonnes of food was produced in the past 358 days.

about 30-50% (1.2-2 billion tonnes) was tossed and never found its way into your stomach (according to UN-projections).

this is not just a tragedy, it’s insanity (!) expressed through bizarre numbers and tonight you’re doing your share when you don’t leave the table before eating up your fifth plate.

and in January and the the rest of the winter months people worry about their stupid diets and how they can ease their troubled minds working out to loose some fat for the bathing season.

sure the dirt of the world is not on your hands, nobody has to die because of you, because you’re passive to the bone.

and now go back to santa claus and the fake venue of blessedness and be happy with the ones you love.

a wise lady told me once that you can show the people around you that you love them more than 364 days a year, so I don’t want to love you today and not tomorrow!

does this text fit into your cosy christmas bubble?

no money? no honey!

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