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merry crisis pt. III – celebrations

December 26, 2014 - mirrormirror -

raising social capital to fund and form an entire infrastructure of dishonesty is selfish and a big waste of resources and money – big time!

recently I witnessed an event of charity where people meet to fight against hunger, for the poor and against poverty.
right in the cafĂ© of my choice – my extended living room – they organised a gathering, in a separate section hosting a couple armed with guitar and a sad voice to accentuate the commiserating scenery with depressing music. I guess that made a lot of sense for the bunch of suits starring at the photographs and paintings of the starving of the world.

a horrible illustration of an eternal cycle of illusions that help people paint their minds pink to cover up or ignore the awareness that nobody cares and really shares but gains and gathers: more wealth and friends. building social bridges, not for everyone but for friends. the poor of the world are there and they bother us sometimes, because they make us feel bad about what we’ve earned and what we’ve achieved but they can’t sit with us. they might look at our tables but what they get is what we drop. an upper class speaking up for a lower class without acknowledging that establishing a class in first place creates the gap between people. in this trench we drop our share and feed some of them to make us feel like full humans and reassure that we are rich in civilisation.

where the fuck (it does upset me) is the sense in renting a space, having a concert, hiring a caterer to bring wine and snacks to set up a venue for fake generosity. why not spending some of your precious time to bake a cake or make a salad, it can be creative and even give you the authentic feeling of bringing something to an end – you won’t achieve with the hunger in the world, because you’re marching into the wrong direction .

maybe they wanna help the poor, starving little girl, but just as long as it doesn’t crawl out of the picture right into their cultivated backyard . . .


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