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merry crisis pt. II – a nice mess

December 25, 2014 - mirrormirror -

oh oh oh you sing while you’re rummaging through the pile of Christmas gifts. tomorrow you’ll throw out the old crap, because you got new crap ! ! !

that’s great and sorry for cursing you out yesterday I was clearly in the ‘bad santa’ mood. but wait, no wait, big day today!

hope you all are happy with what you got this year. everybody has been such a cute heart and you’re still walking around with an army of butterflies spreading happy, useless things you bought for your darlings (socks, sweatpants, gloves, scarf excluded).

rip off the gift packaging, toss it into the corner – a rampage around the tree that leads to appease- or disappointment (in case it’s socks, sweatpants, gloves or a scarf).

your new dress makes you look so cute and innocent, my god how cute you are. you can’t know that the fancy pants were made by some body far away doing an extra shift for the garment industry to keep your Christmas cheap. sure it’s the month of generosity but affordable it shall be, right?

what I want? just stop buying garbage! there’s enough out there we could share, but we don’t and I’m not going to accept that. there’s so many ways to make somebody feel beloved and it doesn’t cost a single dollar . . .


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